Central Tokyo

Arranged around Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace, the city centre has always been the seat of political and economic power. From Ginza’s grand shopping streets the storied geisha district of Kagurazaka, there’s an atmosphere of confidence and elegance.

Don’t Miss

  • The very early morning tuna auction at Tsukiji
  • Catching a baseball game at Tokyo Dome
  • Exploring traditional crafts in Nihonbashi
  • Strolling Ginza’s Chuo Dori Street on a Sunday afternoon


Tradition and innovation merge in Tokyo’s elegant downtown

Built on the site of a mint dating back to the Edo era (1603-1867), Ginza is an area steeped in history with an air of self-assured elegance. 


  • Ginza’s new landmark complexes dedicated to modern shopping and gourmet delights
  • Cutting-edge art galleries and Kabukiza, the home of the grand performing art of kabuki


The fully charged electric town sparking original culture

Beginning its existence as a center of postwar black-market activity, Akihabara later became the showcase of Japanese tech, jam-packed with shops selling all kinds of electronics and IT to the world. More recently, it has also become the cultural home to the diehard fans of gaming, manga and anime—the otaku. The area is an urban temple for worshippers of Japanese subcultures with pop idols, and cosplayers. Stroll Akihabara’s avenues for a one-of-a-kind cultural experience.

Tokyo Station & Marunouchi

The red-brick façade of the beautifully restored Tokyo Station Marunouchi Station building is one of the city’s most striking pieces of architecture, especially distinctive against the glass and steel of neighboring skyscrapers. Behind it lies one of the city’s key transport hubs, connecting the country through bullet trains that run to Hakodate in the far north and to Fukuoka in the far south. 

Tokyo Dome & Around

A central Tokyo complex dedicated to sports, entertainment and music
Flanked by Korakuen and Suidobashi stations, Tokyo Dome and its surrounding attractions draw thrill-seekers, sports stars, students and music fans. In addition to being the downtown area’s largest entertainment venue, the Dome is the home of Tokyo’s most beloved baseball team, the Yomiuri Giants.


Japanese tradition meets French chic

This small, stylish neighborhood close to Shinjuku was once a lively geisha district. Now, with its cobbled streets, chic shopping, French schools and French restaurants, Kagurazaka is better known as Tokyo’s little Paris. Stroll the quiet backstreets and you’ll still find signs of the area’s geisha heritage: elegant traditional ryotei restaurants and kimono stores are flanked by modern Michelin-starred establishments and minimalist galleries.


Your portal to Tokyo central and its waterways and islands.
Just 15 minutes by monorail from Haneda Airport, Hamamatsucho is the gateway for many to Tokyo and beyond, offering a multitude of hotels and convenient bus, rail and ferry connections. Nearby Tokyo Tower dominates the skyline, glowing orange at night or decked out in colored lights for special occasions.