Plan Your Trip

When visiting the capital, check out the latest information about COVID-19 (See: Please check here before visiting Tokyo -Information for protecting yourself and others-). By familiarizing yourself with “new normal” everyday actions that play a part in coping with the virus, and checking information on using public transportation including trains and buses, you can enjoy your trip safely and with peace of mind.


Arriving in Tokyo can be both a thrilling and bewildering experience—especially if it is your first time to visit. To help you transition smoothly into the metropolis, familiarize yourself with the following basic information. Find out how to get around the city with ease with a Travel IC card and the easiest way to connect to the internet. Discover money-saving shopping tips, what to do in an emergency, what to pack in each season, and much more.

Essential information

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

Free Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly available throughout the city. Many major hotels, coffee shops, restaurants and public facilities offer a free Wi-Fi service. However, for guaranteed internet access wherever you roam, rent a pocket- Wi-Fi from one of the kiosks at the airport or pick up a travel sim to fit into your existing phone.

Using and Exchanging Money in Japan

As you probably know, Japan’s currency is the yen. Here’s some useful info for getting and using yen during your time in Tokyo!

Weather (When to Visit)

The seasonal weather in Tokyo generally follows the same annual patterns—bright and breezy springs, very hot and humid summers, crisp and cool autumns and cold and clear winters.

Visa & Immigration

Many countries share an ease of access agreement with Japan allowing for relatively simple entry and exit into the country. Make sure you are aware of all necessary visa and immigration procedures.

Cheap Tickets & IC Cards

Make the most of your time in Tokyo by learning how to move around cost-effectively and efficiently, using cheap tickets and IC cards.

Luggage & Storage

Take advantage of luggage delivery services and station storage enabling you to travel hands free and stress free.

Tips for budget travelers

Traveling Tokyo on a shoestring? Make the most of travel, accommodation and recreation deals to help you stretch your yen further.

Useful apps

Download a selection of apps to help you navigate Tokyo smoothly

The best time to visit Tokyo

For those planning their first trip to Tokyo, one of the most important decisions to make can be one of the most simple: when is the best time to come? The answer depends on you!



Shopping & Restaurants

Tax-Free Shopping

Take advantage of the special measures put in place for tourists from overseas and buy certain products minus the consumption tax. Certain procedures at department stores, home appliance stores, discount stores are necessary.

Duty-Free Shopping

Visit these shops in Tokyo stocking a host of duty-free products that visitors to Japan’s capital can take advantage of.

Shopping Guide

Tokyo’s distinctive shopping districts offer you everything from high-class department stores to bargain basement electronics. Search the shelves and browse the racks to find that perfect memento for your Tokyo trip.



Health & Safety

Please check here before visiting Tokyo -Information for protecting yourself and others-

In order to offer travelers a safe and fun experience of Tokyo while containing the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), it’s essential to promote initiatives to prevent both contracting the virus and infecting others.


An increasing number of stations are becoming wheelchair accessible and hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions continue to develop their accessibility for those with disabilities and those traveling with children.


Tokyo is located in a highly geologically active zone, so you should prepare for earthquakes and related natural disasters in the unlikely event that they occur. Make sure to have all relevant emergency contact numbers—including your embassy in Tokyo—to hand.


Have the contact details of your embassy in Tokyo to hand—it is an important point of contact in emergency situations.

Illness & Injury

If you feel ill or get in an accident during your stay, make sure you know what to do.


Customs & Culture


Tokyo has enjoyed a long history of prosperity as Japan’s capital since 1603, when Tokugawa Ieyasu established his shogunate and named the city Edo.

Customs & Manners

As with any country you travel to, understanding and respecting the local culture will ultimately lead to a more fulfilling trip. Learn how to blend in and act like the locals do.

Local Laws

To avoid any vacation-spoiling incidents and frustrating misunderstandings, follow the local laws to the letter.

Japanese Public Holidays in 2021

Japan currently has 16 public holidays each year. As you plan your travel itinerary, it is useful to know when these days fall and what exactly they celebrate.

Enjoy Diverse Culinary Culture in Tokyo

Vegetarian, Vegan, Muslim Cuisine, etc.


Tourist Information Centers

Tourist Information Centers

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government operates the Tokyo Tourist Information Center at five locations in the metropolitan area to provide tourist information to visitors to Tokyo from other areas of Japan as well as overseas. Please feel free to stop by for your travel inquiries.

Japanese Prefectural Tourism Promotion Corner

Be more informed about events and tourism in Japan’s prefectures nationwide.

Tokyo Tourist Information Center – Online Tourist Guide

This service allows you to receive tourist information in a variety of languages from wherever you like such as at home or your destination, and it is provided free-of-charge to all travelers visiting Tokyo from other parts of Japan or abroad.

Tokyo Volunteer Guides

Not sure where to start? Talk to one of the Tokyo community tourist information service volunteers. These experienced guides provide directions, local information, and tours of some of Tokyo’s most popular areas.